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Missionary Care Teams

Sending in a manner worthy of God

What is a Missionary Care Team?

In the book of Third John, God tells us,

“You will do well to send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God. For they have gone out for the sake of the Name… Therefore, we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.”

Missionary Care Teams are the front lines of our prayer and logistical support for our cross-cultural workers.

Team members commit to:

  • Focused prayer – praying specifically for and with the missionaries
  • Reciprocal communication – listening, sharing, reaching out, and responding
  • Home assignment support – knowing when your workers will be home and taking a role in the logistical preparation
  • Advocacy – promoting, celebrating, and networking

Our Missionary Care Teams

Blair & Sue Alvidrez

Serving in Albania


Since 2010, Blair and Sue’s main focus is to establish Biblical counseling in Albanian churches and communities.
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Kim & Annie Colich

Serving in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Kim & Annie were the FIRST missionaries GFC partnered with, and they have been working since 1991 to translate the Bible into the Tami language.

Nick & Traci Derington

Serving in Thailand


Since 2020, Nick, Traci, and their family have been serving in Thailand. Nick and Traci's hearts are for every person in Thailand to know someone that passionately follows Christ.
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John & Sandie Dostal

Serving in Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Since 2011, John and Sandie's primary focus has been partnering with local Czech churches and Christians to establish communities of discipleship and biblical pastoral care.
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Jason & Anna Reedy

Serving in Japan


Jason and Anna Reedy serve at the Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, Japan.
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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

There are places where the Gospel still has not been preached. There are people who don't even know someone who knows someone who has heard about Jesus. We have people there.
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Missions Staff

Dave Wernz

Director of Missions & Mobilization

Jordan Simmons

Assistant to Missions

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Director of Missions & Mobilization

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Administrative Assistant to Missions

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