Counseling & Discipleship Training

Annual Conference 2022

Sep 16-17 • Oct 14-15 • Nov 11-12
Florence, Kentucky


Foundations Track

Sep 16-17 • Oct 14-15 • Nov 11-12

You want to help real people with real problems using the Bible…but where do you start? The Foundations Track gives you the principles and tools for how to give hope and help. The Foundations Track is also a prerequisite for ACBC Certification.

Advanced Track

Sep 16-17

This year’s Advanced Track topic is: When Parenting Gets Messy: Hope and Help for the Unexpected Issues Parents Face.


Pastor Brad Bigney

Brad Bigney is the Lead Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church, an ACBC Certified Counselor, and has been counseling for over 31 years.

peter laruffa staff elder pastor
Pastor Peter LaRuffa

Peter LaRuffa serves as the Fort Thomas Campus Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church and before that, he served as a Youth Pastor for 14 years. He is an ACBC Certified Counselor, and has been counseling for over 21 years.

Dr Mark Shaw

Dr Mark Shaw is the Director of Counseling at Grace Fellowship Church. He is an author, he is an ACBC Certified Counselor, and has been counseling for over 31 years.

David Michael

David Michael is the Director of Groups at Grace Fellowship Church. David is an ACBC Certified Counselor and has been counseling for over 11 years.

Rick Horne

Rick is the Site Coordinator of The Urban Ministry Institute, Chester, PA, and has done school and church counseling for more than 35 years. Rick is also an author and has served on the CCEF Board of Directors since 1993.

Salem4Youth Team
Terry headshot
Terry Benge

Terry Benge is the Executive Director for Salem4Youth Ranch and has mentored and worked with teenagers for over 25 years as a Coach, Sunday School Teacher, and Youth Pastor.

Andrew headshot
Andrew Held

Andrew Held is an ordained and licensed minister, has served as a certified trainer for Dare 2 Share Ministries and Go Live Dare South Africa, and as a Youth Advocate for Bloomington, IL, partnering with the local police department and Bloomington High School. Andrew currently serves at Salem4Youth Ranch as the Biblical Addictions Counselor and Cottage Staff.

Joe headshot
Joe Rainbolt

Joe has served as a Sunday School Teacher, a Youth Small Group Leader, and now serves as a Biblical Counselor for the students at Salem4Youth Ranch.

Topics & Schedule

September 16-17

Friday, 5pm-9:45pm • Saturday, 8am-4:35pm

Advanced Track

  • Panel Discussion with Salem4Youth
  • Desperate Parents Make the Best Parents (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Hope & Help for Hurting Parents, Part 1 (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Hope & Help for Hurting Parents, Part 2 (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • God’s Grace in a Season of Suffering (Pastor Brad & Vicki Bigney)
  • Facing the Storms of Destruction, Park 1 (Rick Horne)
  • Facing the Storms of Destruction, Park 2 (Rick & Betty Horne)
  • Communicating with an Angry or Unmotivated Teen (Rick Horne)
  • Differences Between Counseling Teens & Adults (Pastor Peter LaRuffa)
  • Talking to Kids About Gender Dysphoria (Pastor Peter LaRuffa)

Foundations Track

  • The Need for Biblical Counseling/ The Definition & Goal of Biblical Counseling (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical? (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Getting to Heart Issues (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Anger (Pastor Peter LaRuffa)
  • Communication (Pastor Peter LaRuffa)
  • Progressive Sanctification (David Michael)
  • Depression (David Michael)
  • The Process of Biblical Change (Dr. Mark Shaw)
  • Psychotropic Drugs & Biblical Counseling (Dr. Mark Shaw)
  • Physical Illness & Biblical Counseling (Dr. Mark Shaw)
October 15-16

Friday, 5pm-9:45pm • Saturday, 8am-4:35pm

Foundations Track

  • Secular & Integration Theories (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Trials & Suffering (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Establishing Involvement with Counselees & Giving Hope (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Sexual Sin (Pastor Peter LaRuffa)
  • Goal of Parenting (Pastor Peter LaRuffa)
  • Parental Instruction (Pastor Peter LaRuffa)
  • Parental Discipline (Pastor Peter LaRuffa)
  • A Case Study (Pastor Peter LaRuffa & David Michael)
  • Providing Instruction & Giving Homework (David Michael)
  • Gathering Data & Discerning Problems Biblically (Dr Mark Shaw)
November 11-12

Friday, 5pm-9:45pm • Saturday, 8am-4:35pm

Foundations Track

  • God’s Purpose for Marriage (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Role of the Husband (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Role of the Wife (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Forgiveness (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Biblical Sexuality (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Guilt & Repentence (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Worry & Fear (Pastor Brad Bigney)
  • Role Play (Dr Mark Shaw)
  • Understanding Temptation (Dr Mark Shaw)
  • Understanding Temptation: Discussion (Dr Mark Shaw)


Grace Fellowship Church

Florence Campus

9379 Gunpowder Road, Florence, KY 41042