Engaging the Culture Biblically

Published Articles & Videos Reviewed by GFC Elders

How can we honor God in these divisive times? 
What does Biblical, God-honoring engagement look like as we interact with others on topics of disagreement? 

The following articles and videos have been reviewed by the elders, and we believe that they are Biblical, instructive, and sometimes corrective. Although we find these specific articles helpful, we do not necessarily endorse all articles written by these authors. May these be a help as we all seek to navigate these days of controversy and opposing ideas.  

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Dethrone Politics

When politics becomes an idol and more important than the Gospel.

[by Trevin Wax]

Is the Gospel Political?

Discussion on how Christians as citizens of the Kingdom of God, also live as citizens of a country.

[by Paul Tripp]

What is Christian Dominionism?

Defines dominionism and explores several variants of it.

[by gotquestions.org]

Christian Nationalism vs. Christian Patriotism

Explores the history and dangers of Christian Nationalism.

[by Thomas Kidd]

Come, Let Us Reason Together

How Christians can discuss controversial topics, and how to be discerning in what we are reading.

[by Kevin DeYoung]

Why Unhealthy People Crave Controversy

Exploring why we are so easily drawn to controversy.

[by Russell Moore]

6 Ways Christians Can Be Wiser in Political Engagement

[by Thorp/Strunk]

Expect Less (and More) of Your Pastor in Addressing Current Events

Our expectations for pastors speaking to current events are often too high and may paradoxically reflect too low a view of a pastor’s call.

[by Chris Colquitt]