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DBC Partner Update • 7.18.24

Partner Update July 18th, 2024 What God is doing… DBC24 was a very successful conference with 75 attendees. We had breakout sessions on counseling and featured fantastic speakers discussing the Life-Changing Gospel. Additionally, we arranged a screening of the Deaf Mission movie “Jesus,” which was attended by about 254 people.. There is increasing interest in […]

DBC Partner Update • 5.9.24

Partner Update May 9, 2024 What God is doing… Last month was our busiest month as we attended the Deaf Mission Conference. I gave three sessions there and received many positive messages. This has increased our exposure in the community, and we have become more interested in serving the Deaf community. We are also proud […]

DBC Partner Update • 2.29.24

Partner Update Feb 29, 2024 What God is doing… We are excited to share that TAC has completed its video with interpreting. We are grateful for this accomplishment and look forward to utilizing it for our training purposes.  Please pray… Please pray that God grants us wisdom as we finalize our theology and counseling certification […]

DBC Partner Update • 12.14.23

Partner Update December 14, 2023 What God is doing… DBC is aiming to raise $750,000, which would cover the operating expenses for DBC, including a salary to pay Kevin to run DBC for the ten years before he would be eligible to draw Social Security. These funds would also allow DBC to develop counseling materials […]

Deaf Biblical Counseling Partner Update • 9.28.23

Partner Update September 28, 2023 Please pray… 1. Ask God to give us wisdom as we finalize our theology and counseling certification exams. Pray for our trainees as they begin work on these exams next month. 2. Ask God to give us good contacts through our booths at ACBC and CCEF conferences in October. 3. Ask God to provide more Deaf certified […]

DBC Partner Update • 8.3.23

Partner Update Aug 3, 2023 What God is doing… Praise God that DBC’s first annual conference was fruitful. Communication flourished in American Sign Language, English, written Spanish, and Spanish Sign Language. The 76 participants were challenged and inspired to counsel well for the glory of God. Please ask God to bless preparations for DBC’s 2024 […]

DBC Partner Update • 5.11.23

Partner Update May 11, 2023 What God is doing… 23 trainees recently completed the basic biblical counseling course and will be moving into advanced biblical counseling courses! Many Deaf counselees have successfully graduated from 12-16 weeks of counseling sessions.   Please pray… Please pray for God’s work in the lives of deaf counselees. Pray for […]

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