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Partner Update

Aug 3, 2023

What God is doing...

  • Praise God that DBC’s first annual conference was fruitful. Communication flourished in American Sign Language, English, written Spanish, and Spanish Sign Language. The 76 participants were challenged and inspired to counsel well for the glory of God. Please ask God to bless preparations for DBC’s 2024 conference.

  • Many Deaf American Christians live in places where they have no access to church. Praise God that these lonely Christians are finding help and hope through DBC.
  • Some unbelievers are coming to DBC for biblical counseling because it is the only counseling they can get in their language. Please ask God to make DBC counselors wise and winsome in presenting the gospel. Thank God for those people who have come to Christ as God’s Spirit has drawn them through DBC counselors.

Please pray...

  • The Addiction Connection is translating training material into ASL. Thank God that the first 25% of the training has been recorded. Please ask God to provide the $7,500 needed for this project.

  • According to the Hearing Loss Association of America and the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, “60,000 military members are on disability for hearing loss from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.” Thank God that DBC is partnering with Fallen Soldiers March to reach these veterans. Pray for vets who are struggling to adjust to their changed lives to find transformed lives in Christ.

  • Please ask God to prosper DBC’s major fundraising effort. The faith goal is to have enough money that the director, Kevin Hamilton, could work only two jobs, giving up the demanding full-time job at a Deaf school that presently provides for the financial needs of his family and keeping only his full-time (currently unpaid) work running DBC and his part-time pastoral work at a Deaf church.

  • All DBC counselors work in teams of two. Please ask God to bless these team relationships, for the benefit of our counselees.

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