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April 27 • 9:30am-5pm • Independence

About Sparrows

Sparrows is our annual conference for the girls. The day will consist of main sessions from Erin Greenwood about anxiety, breakout sessions (that you get to pick) given by Student Ministry leaders, worship, good food, and fun. We’ll dig into the Word of God and see how it speaks into the anxieties that plague us in this day and age. We’ll dive into other common struggles among teen girls, being encouraged in your faith, God’s design for womanhood, and the implications of that in your daily life as a student.


Middle & High School Girls

All Campuses


April 27 • 9:30am-5pm


Independence Campus


$10 per student

What to Bring

Your Bible and notebook


Lunch is Chick-fil-A.

Snacks throughout the day. Dinner is not provided.

The Speaker

Erin Greenwood

Erin is going on 3 years of being the Associate Director of Counseling at Grace.  She has been attending Grace for over 23 years and served in Student Ministry for 10 of those. Erin is a certified Biblical counselor and is currently working on her Masters in Biblical counseling. She’s a huge sports fan and will always cheer on the Bengals and the Wildcats. She is fun, she is wise, and we are so excited for her to speak at Sparrows.

Erin’s Testimony: Growing up I would label myself what the world would call a “good kid”. Outwardly I did all the right things but inside I carried a heart that was very selfish and self-centered. Life became about what made me happy and being loved and accepted by others is what I thought I needed to be happy. It drove me into what could be defined as the “typical college party life” after high school. I began to take on an “I am young, live it up while I can” mentality. After college, I began attending Grace. The preaching was entertaining but there was also an amazing message. God’s truth! I am a sinner in need of grace and God wanted to offer it to me freely. I was leaving church for the first time in my life actually thinking about big things, life-changing things about God. It was a gradual process of God softening my heart of stone, showing me how sinful I was, and drawing me to Himself. I remember reading Romans 10:9, and it leapt off the page how clear it was to be saved. It felt like for the first time life made sense and the missing puzzle piece of my life had been clicked into place.



Breakout Sessions

You will choose 2 breakouts to attend from the list below. These are 30 minute talks given by Student Ministry leaders. Breakout sessions will close as they reach their maximum so register early to be sure to get into the one you want!

Breakout Session 1
  • Body Image: How to have a healthy and biblical view of your body. 
  • Pride & Perfection: Embracing humility and how that looks in our daily walk when we don’t meet our self-established standards.
  • Boys & Singleness: Learning how to glorify God in both singleness and dating.
  • How to Read your Bible: How to get the most our of the best book ever! 
  • Slowing Down: How to have lead a quiet life like Jesus in a hurried and technological culture.
Breakout Session 2
  • Body Image: How to have a healthy and biblical view of your body. 
  • Pride & Perfection: Embracing humility and how that looks in our daily walk when we don’t meet our self-established standards.
  • Spiritual Growth: Looking at how seeing and know God “bigger” changes the way you live.
  • Emotions: Want to learn some healthy emotional habits and what emotions are for? Emotions can be confusing but we don’t have to live at the mercy of our emotions.  
  • Taming the Tongue: Words are incredibly powerful, they can build up and encourage or tear down and hurt. 

Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

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By giving to this fund, you’ll help students who may need financial aid as well as keep the overall cost of camp down for all students.


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