Politically Incorrect Wife, The

Type: Book

Location: W

Author: Nancy/Connie Cobb/Grigsby

Price: $14.00


Stuck in unholy deadlock?
So were we…
Just what is a politically incorrect wife?  She’s a woman who’s married to her husband, not to popular culture.  In relating to her man, she firmly refuses to bend to modern mindsets and strategies-like one-upmanship, tit for tat,  entitlement, and “cold war” -that would ultimately damage her relationship wit him.
Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby admit, “Our marriages were in the “stuck” position for years until we went politically incorrect.  We thought if only our husbands would change, we’d be so happy!”
Sound familiar?  Do you find yourself wondering “Is there more to marriage than this?