Is God Listening?

What if He Doesn't Answer?

Type: Mini-book

Location: MB

Author: Dave Deuel

Price: $3.00


Nothing in life is turning out the way you expected.  You pray and ask for relief, help, and changed circumstances.  But what are you to think when it seems like life is going from bad to worse?  You wonder if God is even listening.  Does he hear your cries for help?  If he does, why doesn’t he do something?
In your suffering, it’s easy to believe that God is either absent or indifferent.   But be assured that God has not forgotten you and yours.  Dave Deuel reminds you that God hears each cry for help, and he is not silent.  He speaks to you through his Word-the Bible, and he acted to save his people through the cross.  We naturally question any experience that does not meet our expectations for how life should work, but even when it may appear that God is silently hiding, he reminds us in his Word that he walks beside us as a fellow sufferer.  Jesus offers us his unwavering presence and the promise that one day, those who trust him will be delivered completely.