The Urban Ministry Institute

God is still on the move and many prayers are appreciated!

•  TUMI | Chester has just finished one course and will be starting another on July 9th— it will run for four consecutive weeks. There are at least five students—one of which is in the western part of the state where there is no TUMI instruction. This student has just been released from the local prison where he’s been a TUMI student. Because of their “virtual” teaching, he’s able to continue his training. Each class is 2 1/2 hours long with lots of student work between classes, so please pray for the students’ wise planning and discipline to do it well.

•  This summer course will bring two more students close to meeting all requirements (16 courses) for graduation. Please pray for their successful completion and for their continued, enhanced service with the Word of God within their city churches.

•  TUMI’s three fall courses are likely to take a virtual form as well, but as of now, it is uncertain. Please pray as the schedule is being put together. The age and underlying health matters among urban populations are the main concern.

•  Please pray for a new applicant as he works with Rick this summer in their online course. Please pray for their work together and discernment regarding him possibly joining the mentor team of instructors in Chester.

•  The CCEF-TUMI Biblical Counseling course, How Change Happens, is scheduled for the Evangelical Theological College in Addis Abba, Ethiopia for the end of January. Please pray for matters of wisdom as the pandemic may still be a factor on one or both sides of the pond.

•  The second CCEF-TUMI Biblical Counseling course, What Change Looks Like, has been recorded and is being edited. The final stages of the accompanying workbook editing is also in process. Please pray for God’s wise hand in bringing these works to closure.

As you pray for Rick and TUMI’s mentors and instructors, please specifically pray that they will “always be sober-minded (NIV-‘keep your head in all situations’), endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” – 2 Timothy 4:5
Thank you for praying!

Updated 7/7/20

As the national training arm for World Impact, The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) equips leadership for the urban church, especially among the poor, in order to advance the Kingdom of God. TUMI focuses their investment on those called to evangelize, disciple, plant, and pastor churches in unreached urban neighborhoods. Their single passion and desire is to identify, empower, and release laborers who can both display and declare God’s kingdom reign among their neighbors, where they live.