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Partner Update

Feb 16, 2023

What God is doing...

  • Praise God for additional  Deaf people being trained in biblical counseling!

  • Praise God for a dedicated team of counselors who are working diligently to apply the gospel to the needs of Deaf counselees.

Please pray...

  • Ask God to help the new people being trained to apply the material first to themselves, then see how it applies to counseling situations.
  • Ask God to give Kevin wisdom in developing the counseling and theology exams for those who want to become certified.
  • Ask God to provide the time and wisdom for developing counseling resources in American Sign Language.
  • Pray for improvements that need to be made on the DBC website.
  • Pray for Deaf people who are being counseled and those who need counseling.
  • Ask God to use biblical counseling to reach Deaf people with the gospel for the glory of God.

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