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Partner Update

September 21, 2023

What God is doing...

  • Praise the Lord that a woman was baptized this past month who formerly walked the streets and now is living in a stable home, has not used drugs in two years, and most importantly, she loves Jesus and walks in obedience to Him!
  • Praise the Lord for His work in Dayton, OH! We have had a team of women driving down from Dayton for two years to serve here locally. They have launched ministry in Dayton and we are so excited about what the Lord has done! Pray for us that the Lord would continue to grow our local team as we say goodbye to our Dayton friends who have served so faithfully here for so long! 

Please pray...

  • Pray for our team as we raise funds to mobilize the church to make the Gospel accessible to all 20,000 potential victims of trafficking and exploitation in the Greater Cincinnati area within the next ten years!
  • Pray for our leadership, that unity and grace will abound as we walk alongside one another into the darkness to share the light of Christ! (Our team has seen amazing unity in the last year, but we never want to let our guard down because we have an adversary that prowls like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour!)

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