Kentucky Jail Ministries

Praise & Prayer Update

October 13, 2022


  • We are excited to report that God has provided KJM the opportunity to minister to inmates enrolled in a substance abuse program at the Grant County Jail.
  • Praise God that the Bibles (donated by GFC Ft. Thomas’ own Jodi S.) are being greatly enjoyed at the Campbell and Grant County facilities.
  • Praise God that each jail has a library where Bibles are available.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that KJM ministers will reflect the love of Jesus and preach the Gospel with boldness.

  • Pray for inmates to be born again, to mature in their faith, and be a bold witness for Jesus.

  • Ask God to bless the jail leadership and staff with wisdom in operating their respective jails justly, effectively, and safely.

  • Pray for each jail’s library. May the inmates be hungry for God’s word and diligent in applying it to their lives.

  • May revival break out.

  • May God grant wisdom to the State Parole Board. May their decisions be just and accurate.

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