Position Papers

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Christians & Alcohol

This topic can be a confusing one for Christians. But that’s nothing new. Even those living at the time of Jesus were confused about this issue.

Attending a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony

A reasoned, biblical response to those asking about attending the wedding ceremony between same-sex couples.

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

Led by the Holy Spirit’s illumination from Scripture, we will answer common questions about marriage, divorce, and remarriage according to our understanding from God’s Word.

Women in Ministry Leadership

The role of women in various ministry functions has become a controversial issue in evangelical circles. Based on our understanding of Scripture, the following describes Grace Fellowship Church’s position on the issue.

Managers, Directors, Pastors

The Lord has seen fit to bring a lot of change and growth to our once small church that is now over 2,000 people. The Bible says a lot about church leadership, but there’s no organizational chart in the Scriptures. Over the years, we’ve made changes that we think are best for our church and we’ll likely make more if God shows us a need to do so.