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Social Justice & the Gospel

Position Paper

The elders of Grace Fellowship have prayerfully considered and discussed how to offer guidance to the body in light of the heightened awareness of racial tensions in our nation. We have heard from members who come to the issue from different perspectives, and we desire to offer a clear and biblically grounded position to guide us as we walk through this time now and into the future.

On similar issues, we have written position papers to outline the doctrinal positions that our church body upholds. In this instance, we have found a statement that we can agree to without reinventing the wheel on this topic and others covered in the statement.

The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel was crafted in 2017 by faithful men and offers sound biblical affirmations and denials on topics that have been brought to the Church as challenges to orthodox Christian beliefs. It addresses the connection of issues like race relations, sexual identity, and gender roles to the primacy of the Scriptures and the message of the Gospel in these areas.

The elders affirm this statement as a Gospel-centered and biblically faithful expression of how we intend to lead GFC. While we may have used different phrases or words in a handful of places, the statement represents the views of the elders and will serve as a starting point for discussions on these various topics alongside our other position papers.

We encourage you to read the statement and the supporting Scripture passages listed under each topic. We pray that this will provide a solid framework for conversations around these topics that will build up our church family and prevent any potential divisions that might arise.

– The Elders of Grace Fellowship Church

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