MyGFC Leader Resources

Your one-stop shop for the NEW MyGFC!

In MyGFC, Group Leaders will be able to:

  • Take attendance
  • Communicate with your group
  • Schedule socials or other events
  • Create needs
  • And more!

Serve team leaders will be able to:

  • Create your weekly schedule
  • Communicate with your volunteers
  • Take attendance
  • And more!

See the tabs below for a more detailed look!

Customized Resources for your role!

VIDEO: Community Group Management
VIDEO: LEAD. App Overview
VIDEO: Student Ministry LEAD. App Walkthrough
VIDEO: Student Ministry Website Walkthrough

Once you have access to your team:

  • check your roster
  • build your weeks, and if you are serving now,
  • create your schedule!
VIDEO: Adding People to Your Team
VIDEO: Take Attendance
VIDEO: Manage the Weekly Schedule
VIDEO: Communicating to Your Team
VIDEO: Add a Serving Rotation
VIDEO: Change serving times and use sign-ups

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