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An Urgent Prayer Request from Partners in Romania

January 11, 2024

Dave Wernz (our Director of Missions & Mobilization) received the following message from Madalin Potoroaca who we currently support in Romania.

“Here the homeschooling persecution has started and people are panicking.

We already have the first sentence of 4 months for a family. By the grace of God we found a lawyer and this sentence has been appealed to the court of appeal.

They have started to send addresses directly from the government to all the schools and to send child protective services and police to the families. Yesterday they went to a family enrolled at the WCA with Special Police with balaclavas on their faces and flashers on to intimidate them. Thank God they were out of the country.

Another family from our center in Sibiu – Costache, was contacted by the authorities and intimidated, we also recommended them to re-enroll their children in the system, since they have more problems and it would be a case that would bring great damage to the whole homeschooling movement.

We think that today they called our house on the home phone too, Aghi, my wife, is feeling sick and stayed home while I was at the center and she didn’t answer them.

Tomorrow we also meet with HSLDA online and have many many hours of discussions, planning, media interviews and panicked families. Please pray for us.”

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