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Partner Update

Jan 25, 2024

What God is doing...

  • Every year during Christmas, the KJM takes the love of Jesus to those behind bars in the form of a small Christmas gift (which includes a pair of socks, a candy cane, a Bible tract, and a KJM brochure telling them how we would like to be here for them when they get out).
    This year we handed out over 1,500 pairs of socks to the 4 local county jails (Kenton, Campbell, Grant, and Boone). We would like to extend a special thank you to all those who donated to the KJM Christmas socks, and to all of our chaplains who handed them out on behalf of Christ!

Please pray...

  • 1.  Pray that Kentucky Jail Ministries Life Skills Program will expand into more Kentucky  jails.
  • Pray that ASAP Recovery, a Christ-driven recovery program, will spread like wildfire in the jails. Ask that more ASAP Recovery manuals will be introduced in the jails. 
  • Pray for more opportunities to serve in the Campbell County Jail. That more volunteers will be approved for serving the female inmate population.
  • Pray for the ongoing safety of KJM volunteers as they serve in the Boone, Kenton, Campbell and Grant County jails. Praise God for his faithfulness. 

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