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Partner Update​

Mar 7, 2024

What God is doing...

  • The Lord has been bringing more students to our weekly meetings (Late Nights) than we have ever had! We have averaged over 40 students as we have been slowly walking through the Letter of Romans together over this semester.
  • We have multiple Freshmen bible studies every Monday night in one of the freshmen dorms! God has used this time to bring young men and women to experience more community, dive deeper into scripture, and begin piecing together what it means to follow Christ Jesus. We have also had several new amazing opportunities arise on campus such as Isaac ministering to the football team or Austin helping out with a greek bible study called Greek Gathering that has nearly 50 students involved in fraternities and sororities on campus attending! 
  • We also have nearly 35 students who are being discipled at some capacity and who are attending church on a frequent basis! Praise God for the amazing work He has graciously been doing at UC!
  • Lastly, we have had several students this semester profess that they have either come to know and follow Christ over this past semester or have come to a much deeper/richer understanding of what it means to submit their lives to Jesus. 

Please pray...

  • Would you please pray that the Lord would continue to give us favor on the campus in the different pockets that seem hard to reach! Please pray for more access to the football team, for more favor with the leaders who are reaching the Greek students, and for us to be able to continue ministering within the freshmen dorms!
  • Please pray that students would sign up to join us for our different ministry opportunities we are excited to host this spring/summer! We are hosting a Spring Break trip to Destin, Florida where we hope to build community and serve! We also are hosting a new summer leadership opportunity in the Outer Banks this May where students will be able to grow deeply in their faith for 12 days right on the beach.
  • Lastly, pray that the Lord would continue using our ministry as a way to bring many college students to saving faith in Jesus Christ, our Savior! God has been continuing to do so since we have been on campus, but we are praying that a revival would happen on the campus in our city. We get to see firsthand so many exciting things that God has been doing and we pray that He would continue doing a work at the University of Cincinnati. 

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