Worship with us at Florence

Focusing our hearts on God as we sing together

Fill out the application below.

We want to point to Christ with everything we sing, and we sing a modern range of songs.

The praise and worship time at GFC is meant to be congregational. The worship team is not on stage to put on a performance, but rather, to lead us all in worship.  We’re not trying to rival the most recent concert you attended.

Our intention is to come together to sing gospel-centered songs in response to our great and loving God.  We want everyone to be a part of the singing and exaltation. This may include clapping, raising hands, or a heartfelt “hallelujah”.

These responses are meant to be a joyful response to the truths we’re singing, not a distraction or phony exuberance. We want everyone to participate and be genuinely moved by what God has done and is doing for us.

We sing a mixture of modern, worship songs and a few traditional hymns.