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Student Ministry Guys Conference

April 27 • 10am-5:30pm • Florence Campus

About IronMen

A conference for the guys, designed to help them grow closer to Christ by hearing from mature men about how guys can grow in their relationship with the Lord and discussing common struggles guys experience. We’ll have main sessions given by Pastor Jason Jahn as well as breakout sessions (that you get to pick) from some of your Student Ministry leaders.


Middle & High School Guys

All Campuses


April 27 • 10am-5:30pm


Florence Campus

Entrance C


$10 per student

What to Bring

Your Bible


Lunch is Chick-fil-A.

Snacks throughout the day. Dinner is not provided.

The Speaker

Jason Jahn

Independence Campus Pastor

Breakout Sessions

You will choose 2 breakouts to attend from the list below. These are 30-minute talks given by Student Ministry leaders. Breakout sessions will close as they reach their maximum so register early to be sure to get into the one you want!

Power Tools: Practical Equipment for Devotionals

Designed to give students tools (some literal, some figurative) to help them have great devotional time with God. This is for students who feel directionless when doing their Bible reading or prayer time.

Temptation and Self-Awareness

How we can fight temptation to sin by becoming more self-aware of the emotions and thoughts that led us to the point of being tempted in the first place.

Accountabilibuddies: Friendship and Accountability

Choosing and building friendships with people who can hold you accountable and sharpen you spiritually, as iron sharpens iron.

Salt and Light in a World of Darkness

How to live as a Christian in contexts that aren’t so Christian. We will share practical ways for students to be salt and light in places like school and work.


Designed to provide as much Biblical wisdom as possible for guys as they think about dating.

Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

By giving to this fund, you’ll help students who may need financial aid as well as keep the overall cost of camp down for all students.


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