PLM Partner Update • 01.05.23

Partner Update January 5, 2023 What God is doing… We praise God for a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season at the ministry. It was a very special time and our staff, students and their families were all very blessed by our activities together. Please pray… We are doing a major overhaul of our Residential Program […]

PLM Partner Update • 10.27.22

Partner Update Oct 27, 2022 The holidays can be especially difficult for our residential guys and their families. See how to pray for them below. What God is doing… We are busier than ever in our outreach department. God has faithfully provided by adding a 3rd member to our production team. We are thinking of renaming […]

[VIDEO] PLM Partner Update • 08.18.22

Partner Update Aug 18, 2022 What God is doing… We are launching a new video series titled: Babylon: The Seat of Satan’s Power. This is probably our most ambitious video series to date, and we are praying that God would use it to help awaken a sleepy church to the spiritual realities of life! Praise! Our […]

PLM Partner Update • 06.02.22

Partner Update Jun 2, 2022 What God is doing… We have a variety of possible new initiatives for 2022 and need the Lord’s wisdom. Praise the Lord for a wonderful conference! Many staff have said it was one of the best conferences we’ve ever had with over 750 people in attendance – our largest yet! […]