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Church Model, Mission, & Vision

Why do we do what we do as a church? Why do we stay away from having lots of programs? In this video, Pastor Brad Bigney talks about our simple church model, the mission, and the vision of Grace Fellowship Church.


Join Dave Wernz as he shares the story of God’s mission throughout the Bible and how Grace Fellowship Church tries to participate in it.

Community Groups

Why are community groups such a big deal? Why are we a church OF community groups? Join Brian Fannin as he teaches about the biblical importance of community and your role in building up your group.

Jesus Christ

What you think about Jesus is one of the most important things you could wrestle with or consider. Join Brian Fannin as he teaches about who Jesus is and what He came to do.

Discipline of Grace

What is the discipline of grace? In this Core Doctrines video, Bud Fennell walks us through how to understand what discipline and grace have to do with each other and why it matters for our lives.

The Bible

What is the Bible? What is it good for? Roger Patterson teaches us how to think about the Bible, God’s word.

Trusting God

It can be so easy to say that we trust God until life is hard. David Michael, walks us through reasons why we can trust God from the Bible.

Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

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By giving to this fund, you’ll help students who may need financial aid as well as keep the overall cost of camp down for all students.


Join a Serve Team!

Select your campus and let us know what Serve Team you are interested in!