EP 101: #HelenKellerIsFake & Cynicism​

EP 101#HelenKellerIsFake & Cynicism https://youtu.be/sCDF88b4NhM Today on the podcast, Ryan, Stephen, and Josh talk about #helenkellerisfake and the heart of a cynical student.   NOTES There is a trend going around on TikTok (#helenkellerisfake). This trend is largely a way that GenZ is trying to be funny by poking holes at something as incredible as […]

EP 81: Pastor Brad’s 3/30 Challenge | 08.03.20

 The Couch Time Podcast Pastor Brad’s 3/30 Challenge 08.03.20     Today, Stephen, Kyle, Josh, and Aaron talk about Pastor Brad’s challenge to the church to read the Bible, pray, and fast for 30 days and how you can do that with your students. Send your questions or comments to [email protected]   Resources: Pastor […]

7 Sermon Discussion Questions to Ask Your Middle Schooler – Florence MSM Blog (10/21/18)

 Passage: Matthew 5:1-12  Focusing on verse 7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy”   Last Sunday’s sermon was a great continuation as we talked about loving your enemies last week. (10/14) At the core, it’s about being merciful, or, not giving someone the punishment that they deserve. But, as Pastor Brian said, the Beattitudes are not […]