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Earthquake Response

Syria & Turkey

What happened?

(message below is from one of our partners, David & Kris)

Dear Friends,


At 4:17am Monday morning we were shaken out a deep sleep. We immediately wondered how bad it must be at the epicenter if we felt the earthquake so strongly.


The devastation in Syria and Turkey has been beyond imagination. Some of our members – Yamen & Neveen (who are living with us) and Befrin (the woman with cancer), among many others – come from these countries. Their families are safe, but struggling.


The death toll has passed 20,000 and will likely continue to increase as more are found buried under more than 6,000 buildings that have been destroyed.


I’m reposting prayer request that one of my partner pastors from Turkey sent out a couple days ago – ways that you can be praying for those in Turkey and Syria.


Please pray for these nations that were already under great stress as their peoples endure this horrible tragedy. Praise God there are churches in many of the cities. Please pray for their witness and comfort. Please use these to help guide you as you pray:


• PHYSICAL NEEDS: that food, drink, clothing, blankets, heaters, shelter, bathrooms, shower facilities, etc. be available for those hurting and those helping.


• EMOTIONAL NEEDS: that those who lost friends and family members (or are waiting to find out if they have) would receive the comfort they need in the personal presence and listening ear of caring people.


• COOPERATION: that there would be effective communication and coordination among those on the ground helping in relief efforts, especially that Christians and Christian churches would lead the way as salt and light.


• PROTECTION: that anyone seeking to profit wrongfully from this tragedy would be exposed and their activities ended.


• RESCUE EFFORTS: that rescue workers and other helpers would be led to the right places and people, and that the rescue workers and helpers would have all they need to do their job well.


• GOVERNMENT: that government leaders at the city, provincial, and national levels would be wise, merciful, humble, and motivated to see relief and recovery efforts done well.


• EVANGELISM: that even this horrible tragedy would be an instrument in God’s hands to comfort many through the good news of the gospel brought by loving messengers.


• ESTEEM: that local Christians and local churches, who are so often maligned and mistreated in this land, would be held in higher esteem than before as non-believing people receive unconditional help from Jesus’ people.


• GLORY: that above all else, the one true and living God would be glorified in Jesus Christ throughout this land, among citizens and non-citizens alike, by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Thank you for your partnership and prayers!



– David & Kris

Would you consider donating?

If you would like to help, EBC is organizing financial assistance to go to Syria through two partner churches. Syria has been chosen as the focus because Turkey has more opportunities to receive support.

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Administrative Assistant to Missions

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