Why Fun Matters | 10/27/19 Recap

The Couch Time Podcast
Why Fun Matters
10/27/19 Recap

Josh, Stephen, and Joey talk about the importance of fun and how you can incorporate fun into your family culture.

– Fun is about building relationships and breaking down barriers.

– Fun lets your student know that you like and care about them.

– How can you say “yes” more than you say “no”?

– Invite your student’s friend over and interact with them.

– What are ways you can create memories with your student?

– Plan ahead! Brainstorm ways of having fun and make it “spontaneous” with your student.

– What is one step you can take to start making more time for your student?

– Do you view your family as a collection of individuals or as a unified team?

– Do you sacrifice your time intentionally for your student?

– Ask your student for ideas of what they would want to do.




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