Smartphones, Technology, & Your Students

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Smartphones, Technology, & Your Students



There may be a smart device under your Christmas tree. You may have been asked for a smart device. Maybe everyone in your family has a smart device.

No matter where your family is, there are several things we would recommend you to think about with your family and technology.

Just like with anything, there are good and bad uses for technology. There are horror stories all over the internet about students making bad decisions or people preying on students.

This can make you want to run & hide, OR, we can figure out how to engage and help our students navigate the digital world.

This is a BIG CONVERSATION that will take more than one podcast to go over, but here are 3 Key Things to start with:


1. Learn about technology.

  • Because technology can be used in a destructive way, it’s really important that you understand what is out there and how devices work.
  • Learn about the pros & cons of social media, what is the legal age to have certain kinds of social media, Android vs iOS devices, and the different monitoring/filtering apps that are out there (Covenant Eyes and Accountable2You are really good ones).
  • Read about and how to approach technology. (see resources below)


– Check out the Culture Translator (free) & the Parent Guides (paid)


“The Tech-Wise Family” – Andy Crouch


“The Next Story” – Tim Challies


“Every Parents Guide to Navigating the Digital World” – Kara Powell



2. Make a plan for your family.

  • Do Google search for “Family Cell Phone Rules”
  • Make guidelines for how your family will and will not use technology.
  • Train your kids how to use their phone. Technology can be really destructive unless it’s used well.
  • Use filtering/monitoring software on all devices. (Check out Covenant Eyes or Accountable2You)
  • Have ONGOING conversations and draw your kids out. Help them feel understood. This is one of the BEST ways to train them.


3. Remember. Jesus is King, and He will give you want you need.


Merry Christmas!



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