Sin and 9 Ways to Engage with Your Students | Back to the Start Series

The Couch Time Podcast

Today Joey, Stephen, Aaron, and Josh talk about this week’s lesson on sin and 9 questions and thoughts for how to connect with your student this week.

1. Question to ask: Where are you saying “NO” to God?

2. Question to ask: What is the story you believe about God and does that line up with what the Bible says?

3. Be transparent and model what it looks like to talk about your sin.

4. Question to ask: How do you feel about God being the one that says what is right and wrong?

5. Question to ask: What does it look like to take sin seriously?

6. Question to ask: What does it look like to battle your sin?

7. Do Bible Reading Plans as a family! Keep each other accountable.

8. Question to think about: How do I react when my student confesses sin to me?

9. Quesiton to think about: Do we call sin what the Bible calls it?