Back to the Start | Repent & Believe

This week Ryan, Stephen, and Josh talk about some ways for you to connect with your student around what it really means to be a Christian.
Key passage: Romans 10:5-13
  • Question: Are there kinds of people or certain kinds of sin that cannot be forgiven by God? Remember “everyone and all” means “everyone and all”.
  • Be careful about putting your hope in your student “praying the prayer” and not seeing them commit to follow Jesus.
  • Also, be careful about casting doubt that will make your student question their salvation, when maybe sometimes it’s a maturity issue, not a sin/following Jesus issue.
  • What’s keeping you from the next step in your faith journey?
  • What’s keeping you from trusting in Jesus for the first time?
  • What’s keeping you from following Jesus with everything now?
  • Who do you know that doesn’t love Jesus? Does it break your heart?
  • Are you praying for your student’s friends, with your student, for those who don’t love Jesus?
*It’s really important that we spend time DAILY, looking up to Jesus, and being grateful for the grace and forgiveness we have in Jesus.