SPECIAL EPISODE!!! How to Navigate Change


How To Navigate Change


In today’s SPECIAL EPISODE Josh and Ryan talk with Fort Thomas Campus Pastor, Peter LaRuffa, about how to help your students navigate different kinds of change.


– Be careful to acknowledge the loss. Even in good change, change always results in a loss, and it’s important in the grief process to acknowledge the loss.

– Don’t expect your student to grieve just like you grieve.

– Don’t try to fix the sadness right away. Don’t jump to hope too quickly. Sit with the tears.

– Don’t misinterpret your student’s response for a lack of support or trust in you. Give your student a “grace pass”. Put yourself in THEIR shoes at THEIR age.

– The more you listen, the more you’ll get from your son or daughter.

– A helpful acronym: R.A.F.T.

  • Reconciliation – Are there relationships you need to mend before the change occurs?
  • Affirmation – Are there people you need to thank before the change occurs?
  • Farewell – Say goodbye! (to the person, place, or thing)
  • Think about the destination – What good will be able to come out of this change?

– Do something visual or symbolic to seal that memory or milestone in your mind.

– Don’t bypass the grief process. Help your student do things that will put them in a space to think and potentially feel emotions.

– Ask your student, “What’s one last thing you’d like to do?”

– Especially when important leaders transition, it’s important to encourage your student to not compare the new person with the last person. Look for the good in the new leader.

– Pray together and remember the character and promises of God! What promises, what about God is relevant in this change right now?