Going TO the Brokenness with the Good News | Back to the Start (Final)

Going TO the Brokenness with the Good News

Recap of Sunday, 10.13.19


Ryan, Stephen, and Aaron talk about the final lesson in the “Back to the Start” series, as well as a few ways you can encourage and model what it looks like to obey the great commission. (Matthew 28:16-20)

  • Sharing the Gospel is not just a missionary passage, but a calling to EVERY disciple of Jesus.
  • Jesus has all authority, His mission is clear, and His presence is promised.
  • Do you SEE people’s brokenness or do you AVOID it?
  • Are you modeling for your students how to share the Good News with others?
  • Are there ways you can practice sharing the Gospel?
  • What are regular family rhythms you can set up to remind your family of personal sin and the amazing news of the Gospel?