Community, Mission, and Testimony | 10/20/19

The Couch Time Podcast | 10/21/19

Community, Mission, and Story

Each Campus did something a little different, so Josh, Aaron, and Stephen will be talking about the importance of community, always being on mission, and knowing your story.



– Are you, as a parent, in a community group?

– Talk with your student about how to be in a group with others. How to listen, to “lean-in” and be present with your group.



– Keep talking with your students about who to reach out to.

– Pray with your students for their friends.



– Talk with your student about their story.

– Do they KNOW for a fact of what their life was like before Jesus, how they need and have trusted in Jesus, and how Jesus has been working in their life since?


Grace & Peace,

Josh, Aaron, & Stephen