James 5:7-11 | 04.26.2020


The Book of James Series

📖This week, Aaron Barnett (Associate Campus Pastor at the Fort Thomas Campus) looks at James 5:7-11.


💬 Discussion Questions

1 | What was the hardest thing you’ve ever had to wait, and be patient for?

2 | Why do you think patience is so hard?

3 | How does what we’re waiting for effect how we wait for it?

4 | When it comes to faith, what does this passage say we are to be focused on?

5 | Last weeks lesson touched on being a friend of the World or a friend of God (James 4:4). How do you think a relationship with Christ should change how we practice patience now during the Quarantine?

6 | Are you more focused on things of the world or things of God? How can you tell based on what you’re most excited about in the future?

7 | What do you need to do this week to practice focusing on God and Him coming back instead of worldly stuff?


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