Strength In Numbers

The Team Approach to Biblical Counseling

Type: Book

Location: CO

Author: Mark Shaw

Price: $11.00


There are so few counselors today who are teaching people how to think biblically.  For many years, hurting souls have been turning to secular counseling, where they are often given medications and psychobabble without dealing with heart issues.  However the tide is changing as the biblical counseling movement is helping to return “soul care” to the Bible-believing church.
God did not intend for members of local Christian congregations to be spectators of His work, and this book presents a replication model that intentionally trains and multiplies biblical counselors in your local church.  The team concept of ministry is not new as we see examples throughout the Bible of God sending men and women in teams to do His work for the kingdom.  Whether you are a pastor who counsels as you shepherd your flock, a biblical counselor in full-time ministry, or a lay person who is often approached for spiritual advice, this book will be a valuable resource to help you implement team biblical counseling in your church.