Protecting the Innocence of Childhood

Safeguarding Children From Sexual Knowledge Overload

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Author: Gary Ezzo

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Childhood!  It’s the most precious time of life.  It is made up of magical days filled with curiosity, adventure and discovery.  It is a time of life, when the sun is brighter, grass is greener, and life has very few threats.
Yet, there is no subject matter that can rob a child of their childhood faster and with more emotional harm than the premature transfer of sexual knowledge.  Once the innocence of childhood is lost, it can never be regained-and therein lies the challenge for the present parenting generation.  Parents today are competing with sexual messaging supported by billions of advertising dollars.
How can they protect their children from intrusive, uninvited, inappropriate sexual “knowledge” when living in a society where sex is advertised and sold as a common commodity?
How can parents protect the sexual innocence of their children, while at the same time prepare them with the necessary age-appropriate knowledge that will keep them safe in a sexually threatening world?
The answers to those questions and many more are contained within.