Overcoming Grandparenting Barriers

How to Navigate Painful Problems With Grace and Truth

Type: Book

Location: MLB

Author: Larry Fowler

Price: $9.00


Nurture your grandchildren’s faith, regardless of the obstacles.
Even under the best circumstances, it takes time and intention to disciple grandchildren and pass on a legacy of faith.  How much harder is it when your family is experiencing challenges such as divorce, estrangement, or prodigals?
Overcoming Grandparenting Barriers is a helpful guide to influencing your grandchildren’s lives even through discouraging or hurtful situations, such as when:
  • An adult child is not following the Lord
  • There is a divorce that limits access to your grandchildren
  • You are prohibited from addressing spiritual matters when you visit your grandchildren
In this book you will find wisdom, helpful tips, and encouragement to persevere.  You will also be reminded that you are not alone in this challenging position-as much as you love your grandchildren, God loves them even more.
Take heart, and never forget that you play an important role in God’s plan to reach the next generation for Christ.