No Place to Cry

The Hurt and Healing of Sexual Abuse

Type: Book

Location: THB

Author: Doris VanStone

Price: $9.00


Dorie considered herself ugly, unloved, and dirty as the result of childhood sexual abuse.  Then she gave her life to God – and He made something beautiful of it.
No Place to Cry is the story of her struggle and her victory.  With the same tenderness with which she wrote Dorie, the Girl Nobody Loved, Dorie Van Stone takes us beyond generalizations and statistics to convey the tragic events of her childhood.  Dorie knows what it is like to be neglected emotionally, to be defiled physically, and to search desperately but find do place to cry.  She also know of the blessing that came when she was thirteen – a Christian student visited her orphanage and introduced her to a God who loves even the unloved.
Having been shunned by her parents “like an unwanted dog,” and mercilessly abused in several foster homes, Dorie clung to the unconditional life of God that so many take for granted.
Just as God gave her a tender heart to forgive her abusers, He also provided Dorie with strength to reveal her past in this volume.  Through Dorie’s candor, you will gain insight into the trauma of abuse and also knowledge of the steps to recovery for those unfortunate enough to have been affected by this plight.