Letters to a Romantic on Dating

Type: Book

Location: SS

Author: Sean Perron

Price: $8.00


Dear Romantic,
It’s no secret that this stage if life is a tough one!  The dating process s complicated and confusing-and that’s before you add difficulties like how to graciously decline a date, how to guard your bodies and hearts, and how to deal with sexual sin in your past.
But we are writing with great news!  God cares about you and your relationships, and His Word shares meaningful and practical advice.  Sean Perron and Spencer Harmon, along with their wives, Jenny and Taylor, have written you several letters to guide you through this season of dating- each  one is short, practical and relevant and contains discussion questions to help you apply it even more personally.
Whether you are struggling with singleness, enduring a breakup, embarking on a new relationship, or even making the final step toward engagement, opening up these letterts wil hep you to start some helpful., God honoring  conversations