Leaving Yesterday Behind

A Victim No More

Type: Book

Location: GR

Author: William Hines

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Many today have grown into adulthood reaping an evil harvest in life.  They live with pain they did not cause due to parental alcoholism, sexual or verbal abuse, neglect, perfectionism, negativism or many other harmful conditions while growing up.  It doesn’t seem fair that people should suffer  because the guardians of their well being have hurt them.  Are we to conclude that we are born blessed or cursed with no hope of change?

No!  Bill Hines guides the reader to understand the curse we are all are under as descendants of Adam.  We discover that the real issues we face in life are all related to our fallen nature.

Since the sin of Adam and Eve we have all been born in a state of sin and continue, this side of heaven, to struggle with sin’s effects.  Regardless of what modern culture says, we don’t disobey God because  we suffer from low self-esteem.  We disobey because we are sinners.  The environment we were born into may give direction to our sin, but we must make no mistake about it – we were going to sin in some way because we were born alienated from and rebellious towards God.

If we are going to leave yesterday behind we must do some personal evaluation of our past.  But we do this not to shift blame on someone else.  Rather, we want to recognize trends and influences that have moulded our lives so that we can, from this point on, begin to take responsibility for our lives and, with the help of God, change those behaviors and attitudes that need to be changed.