How the Nations Rage

Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age

Type: Book

Location: MML

Author: Jonathan Leeman

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How can we move forward amid such political strife and cultural contention?
We liv in a time of division.  It shows up not just among political parties, ethnic groups, and churches, but inside of them.  As Christians, we’ve felt pushed to the outskirts of public life, and we’re divided and angry about what to do.  Some want to strengthen the evangelical voting bloc.  Others focus on social-justice causes, and still others would abandon the public square altogether.  Is there a way forward?
In How the Nations Rage, political theology scholar and pastor Jonathan Leeman challenges Christians from across the spectrum to hit the restart button.  First we shift our focus from redeeming the nation to living as a redeemed nation.  Second, we take the lessons learned inside the church into our public engagement outside of it.  When we identify with Christ more than with a political party or social grouping we avoid the false allure of building heaven on earth and return to the church’s unchanging political task: to represent a heavenly kingdom.  The life of our churches now is the hope of the nation for tomorrow.