Finding My Father

How the Gospel Heals the Pain of Fatherlessness

Type: Book

Location: THB

Author: Blair Linne

Price: $12.00


“My dad’s absence was the cloud that was always hovering in my sky, sometimes just on the horizon, sometimes blocking the sun, and at other times encompassing me like a fog.  Whether your dad was there or not, and what he was like when he was there, matters.  God does not expect us to pretend.”
Blair Linne grew up with her father on the end of a phone instead of with her at home.  This is her moving story of how her discovery of a Father in heaven helped and healed her, of how the gospel reshaped her identity and inspired her to build a different kind of legacy for her own family…and of how her faith held her steady when all she thought she knew about her father was shaken to the core.