Created to Draw Near

Our Life As God's Royal Priests

Type: Book

Location: GR

Author: Edward Welch

Price: $12.00


You are a royal priest.
That reality will change your life.
Human being are wired for connection.  We long for deep relationships and real intimacy – both of which reflect our fundamental desire to be close to God.  But all too often, whether because of our sin or our failures, we imagine that God prefers to keep his distance.
In this book, Ed Welch shows us the purpose for which we were created:  to be brought near to God as a kingdom of priests.  He traces the priestly identity throughout the entire Bible, showing us how holiness leads to closeness to God.  Through the blood of Jesus, God extends his invitation for all to draw near with open arms.  And in his presence, we discover what it means to be truly human: known, unashamed, and wise, full of meaning, purpose and abundant life.