Christianity, Cults & Religions

Compare 20 Religions and Cults with Biblical Christianity

Type: Pamphlet

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This is a quick reference pamphlet pulling together key information about 20 groups.  It gives the following information:
Founder date, location
Who is God?
Who is Jesus?
How to be saved
What happens after death?
Key writings
Other beliefs and practices
Groups: Jehovah’s Witnesses | Mormonism | Seventh-day Adventism | Unification Church | Christian Science | Unity School of Christianity | New Age | Wicca | Scientology | Islam | Comparison of Sunni and Shi’a Islam | Nation of Islam | Baha i’ Faith | Judaism | Kabbalah Centre | Hinduism | Hare Kridshna (ISKCON) | Transcendental Meditation (TM) | Sikhism | Buddhism | Soka Gakkai International