Baby Wise 2

Parenting your Five to Twelve-Month-Old Through the Babyhood Transitions

Type: Book

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Author: Gary Ezzo

Price: $10.00


From sippy cup to walking understanding the babyhood transitions.
For babies ages five to twelve months, each day is filled to overflowing with sensory stimulation and learning opportunities.
Mealtime and waketime are now part of very complex, conscious interaction between what the child does and what Mom and Dad expect him to do. That’s why feeding time, waketime, and sleeptime provide wonderful opportunities for training.
We designed Babywise II to assist parents in establishing the right patterns of learning for their baby in the critical periods of brain formation and adaptation. These patterns from learning structures that assist the child throughout his or her early development. Therefore, the first patterns established need to be right patterns and Babywise II will show you the way.