Gospel Powered Humility

Type: Book

Location: GR

Author: William Farley

Price: $7.00


Humility is not a popular concept in our world today.  It is seen as weakness in a culture that prizes self-esteem and validation.  Unfortunately, these worldly attitudes about humility have leaked into and influenced the church as well.
Far from being weakness, humility is the crucial virtue.  No only is it integral to the processes of conversion and sanctification, but from its soil sprout the fruit of the Spirit.  Yet many Christians are unaware of this crucial connection and do not see the implications of humility in witnessing, counseling, and preaching.
Gospel-Powered Humility argues that God has designed the gospel to provoke humility.  In this vital book William Farley proves that humility, often the least emphasized virtue is in reality the chief and most necessary virtue.  If humility truly matters, our Christian ministry should aim not only to encourage faith, but to encourage a faith that humbles sinners.
Read and learn how much humility does matter … and what we can begin to do about it.