Prayer for Middle School Camp

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We’d love for you to pray with us for this week of Middle School Camp – June 20-23, 2016!


Pray for Our Teaching Times

Please join us in praying for the Lord to work in the hearts of our Middle School students as they sit under these teachings and dig into His Word! Here is a brief description of each lesson and some of the scriptures we’ll be using.

Tuesday Morning: Aaron Barnett – How Do You Stay Focused?

This lesson will be setting up our week with Lessons 2-4 talking about what is     we’re to be focusing on.

Tuesday Evening: Jeff Knutson – 1st Thing to Stay Focused On: Your Identity

This lesson will revolve around Jesus Christ and who we are “In Him”. We will also talk about a person’s Identity apart from Christ. We’ll be using 1 Corinthians 5:17 discussing the Old Man vs. the New Man.

 Wednesday Morning: Aaron Barnett – 2nd Thing to Stay Focused On: Your Obedience to God’s Word

We are going to look at our responsibility to obey, along with the multiple incentives why we should obey.

 Wednesday Evening: Jeff Knutson – 3rd Thing to Stay Focused On: Your Dependence on God

This lesson will be closely tied to Obedience because we are Dependent on our heavenly Father in order to Obey. We need grace and faith to help us obey. We’ll focus on John 15:1-11.


We’ll review the truths we’ve heard and celebrate the freedom we have in Christ!


Pray for Safety and Fun Throughout the Week

Minor scrapes and bruises are part of the camp experience, but it’s always nice to be free of serious injuries or illness! Pray specifically for our camp nurse, Gail Wyatt, and ask the Lord for the blessing of good weather!


Pray for Our Leaders

Whether leading a small group, organizing a game, teaching a lesson or just chatting with a student at the lunch table, our leaders are vital to camp! Ask God to give them the physical strength needed for this week and for God to use them through His Spirit to impact our students with His truth. Also, pray specifically for Aaron Barnett as he leads and facilitates this week of ministry.


And of course…


May God prime their hearts to know Him and be changed by Him!