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Pray & Fast

Aligning our hearts with God’s heart to care about what He cares about— the way He cares about it.

Prayer Tools

Prayer is simply communicating with God, like any conversation. It might come easily for some, but for most of us, it helps to have an idea of what you want to talk about. Three Minutes of Prayer is an easy tool to help you plan out a quick prayer time. You can expand any of the sections as time allows and add in any topics you want to talk with God about. Start slow and practice often!

Fasting Resources

Fasting is one of the simplest ways we can practice our dependence on God. By choosing to not eat, we invite sharp, constant, reminders that we are not self-sufficient and need God to sustain our lives. These reminders also help our prayers by putting us in right alignment with God! He is the provider; we are the needy. He is sovereign; we are servants. He is worthy; we are worshipers. Start slow and practice often!

How Can We Pray
For You or Praise God With You?

Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

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By giving to this fund, you’ll help students who may need financial aid as well as keep the overall cost of camp down for all students.


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