Thanks for fasting and praying!

Praise God with us!

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, Through the Gate is seeing God work through the Church and the women in the program in some beautiful and subtle ways. He is increasing their appreciation for one another and their need and dependence on Him by exposing the sinfulness of hearts in isolation. They gather together in video chats and discuss their anger, fears, anxieties, and temptations more honestly than perhaps ever before. The women in the program have a unique opportunity to lean into one another for support and seek the Lord in community. Their vulnerability is apparent at this time and they are finding ways to be grateful for it, knowing that God is working all things out for their good.

Through The Gate has been incredibly blessed over the years. They have been bringing the hope of the gospel to women perishing from addiction for 6 plus years now. Although they operate on a shoestring budget, God has always been faithful to provide. They see the works of His hands as He increases their dependence on Him and provides exactly what they need at just the right time. The dollar amount is often so precise that everyone at Through the Gate is overwhelmed with gratitude and drawn together in worship!

They are praising God for times of suffering and uncertainty with hearts that find gladness in knowing that He is both good and in complete control, no matter what happens.


Please pray with us-

  • that God will use this time of crisis for the advancement of His kingdom, that unbelievers will respond to the gospel in faith and that believers would be strengthened by that same faith.
  • that God will continue to provide for Through the Gate in the midst of a financial crisis. They are currently looking at the possibility of having to shut down, as their donations have seen a significant decrease. Join us in asking God to once again show Himself as the faithful provider.
  • for Through the Gate’s staff and residents, that they won’t grow weary or be overcome with fear. May God reveal more of Himself during these uncertain times. Pray that distractions and the deceitfulness of the heart are moved aside so that they are focused on Christ.
  • that new applicants that arrive at the program will adjust well and be receptive to the gospel message. Whether they come from jail, the street, or their homes, it is always a big adjustment to live in a communal space where your worldview is challenged. But we have a God who radically transforms women!  May He continue to use Through the Gate for His kingdom purposes!


Serving Opportunities:

  • Please prayerfully consider giving a donation or extending the offer to others to contribute to Through The Gate at
  • You can help support Through the Gate by liking their Facebook page and by sharing their posts and spreading awareness in your community.



Updated 4/8/20

Through the Gate’s vision is to help women be free of the destructive habits that have led them to use drugs and alcohol; to see them learn to live in such a way that they could restore broken relationships with friends, families and their kids. We want to help them be free of the bondage they’re under.