Safe Families for Children

A Safe Families’ Story featuring Grace Fellowship Volunteers

Only God knew back in October the kinds of needs that R, mother of five young children, would have in the coming spring and summer. Thankfully, R trusted the people He placed in her path so the journey started out much easier than expected.

Our connection began in the fall with a hosting of her children while she got some much-needed medical care and learned that another brother would be joining them. The referral call came on a Friday close to lunchtime and her children, several of whom were waiting in the ER, needed to be picked up by 4 o’clock that afternoon. She was told by the referral team member who guided her through the process that only God could make this come together, as sometimes it takes days or even weeks to get all the hosting details nailed down in writing and enough spots for the children to stay. God performed a miracle that day and all 5 children were tucked safely on their way to loving homes that night!

For months afterwards, Safe Families NKY volunteers rallied around her to address food shortages, furniture needs, and even gave an on-line baby shower, all the while reminding her that only God could have connected her to us.  This young, single mom of five, living far from her family in Chicago, managed to complete her GED and made good progress in a job training program to become a medical assistant.

As the time drew near for Baby R to be born, the Safe Families team worked frantically to find host families for his brothers and sisters, to no avail. The beginning days of the pandemic were looming over our world and it wasn’t a safe call for our host families to make. Only God could have seen how a daycare worker who spends time daily with four of the children would be the perfect spot for them to stay. Her employer had to close so she was available and thankfully willing! Meanwhile Safe Families volunteers were able to serve her family by delivering food to the entire family during the kids stay.

Only God knows how R’s family coach managed to get invited to come up to the delivery room during the early stages of a pandemic to be her support while she gave birth to her beautiful son three weeks early. In God’s impeccable timing, it became clear, however, that this was a perfect time to send out Meal Train invitations to His “ravens.”  People were home cooking anyway and very happy to provide food to R and her children for nearly two weeks. Small groups delivered extra pantry items, kids snacks, a microwave, and cooking utensils. Church members delivered extra beds so that R’s kids could sleep peacefully in their own rooms. At one point, R expressed a clear understanding that God was pursuing her through his people.

We would love for this to be a story of happily ever after, but unfortunately on June 20, at the tender age of 3 months, Baby R passed away. Mom is devastated, but leaning into the SF relationships she has built. We continue to point her toward Christ as we walk with her through this tragedy. We pray it will ultimately be a “But God” story of eternal joy.

Please pray that R continues to welcome us as His servants and that her family will come to know Jesus in a very real relationship with Him. Please pray that she will be granted peace during this time of tragedy. Please pray for the SF volunteers that will be walking in this storm with R- May they bring comfort from the God of All Comfort and the hope of Jesus Christ.

If you recognize your involvement somewhere in this story, we want to thank you on R’s behalf. We are quite sure you were blessed in the process, as well.

If you see a place where you might have fit into the picture or a similar one as the need arises, please reach out to:

Amber Jones, NKY Operations Coordinator, at [email protected] or 859-322-8434.

Thank you for praying!

Updated 6/24/20

Safe Families for Children hosts vulnerable children and creates extended family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and families intact. There are various roles within Safe Families that include direct relational ministry as well as behind-the-scenes support.