Pure Life Ministries

Praise God with us!
Pure Life Ministries has a lot to be thankful for!
After many months of preparation for the potential of COVID cases on our campus, a number of our students tested positive for COVID in early December. Because of the layout of our campus, a large number of staff and students did contract the virus. However, the Lord’s protection was evident. First, our contact at the local health office was a Christian, and she worked very hard to make sure that this situation was resolved quickly and effectively. Secondly, very few developed any serious symptoms, and within 14 days, our campus was cleared for normal campus life. All of the staff and students came out of this event with a fresh gratitude for God’s great mercy and care for us.
Join us in prayer-
  • that more men would be desperate for freedom from sexual sin and would apply for PLM’s Residential Program.
  • more of their graduates, both men and women, would be willing to get certified as biblical counselors for their at-home counseling programs.
  • for the Lord’s wisdom for Pure Life’s counseling department, as they will soon meet together to discuss how to minister most effectively to the younger generations who come to PLM for help.
  • for the staff as they begin planning for their Annual Conference.

Updated 12/15/20

Pure Life Ministries has been a pioneer in dealing with sexual addiction and its consequences for 30 years now. During that span of time thousands of people have found freedom through their counseling programs and teaching materials. Pure Life’s counseling programs are the heart and soul of their ministry. Whether you’re a man in sexual sin, a devastated wife or a struggling woman, you’ve come to the right place.