Pure Life Ministries

Thanks for fasting and praying!


Praise God with us!
We are very grateful that the Lord continues to lead Christian men and women to us in their time of great need. Our programs have been overflowing for the past 2 years, with no sign of slowing!
We are releasing a new video series this week on YouTube called “20 Truths that Helped Me in My Battle with Porn Addiction.” The series will share some of the truths that helped Steve Gallagher find freedom from sexual sin.

Please pray that the Lord would-

•  Use this YouTube series to reach more people who are sincerely looking for help
•  Raise up more graduates of our programs who would be willing to be trained in biblical counseling- the need is always great and additional counselors would be a tremendous blessing
•  Continue to sustain Pure Life Ministries financially
•  Uphold our staff- the intensity of the ministry can take a toll and we need to be abiding in the Lord and filled with His Spirit so that we can pour our lives out for others




Updated 6/10/19

Pure Life Ministries has been a pioneer in dealing with sexual addiction and its consequences for 30 years now. During that span of time thousands of people have found freedom through their counseling programs and teaching materials. Pure Life’s counseling programs are the heart and soul of their ministry. Whether you’re a man in sexual sin, a devastated wife or a struggling woman, you’ve come to the right place.