Pure Life Ministries

Many Praises and Ways to Pray!
  • Last time we had asked for prayer for the empty beds at Pure Life Ministries’ Residential Program to be filled. We have seen the Lord begin to answer this prayer and are on track to have 72 of 78 beds filled by the end of September! Please continue to pray that the Lord would answer this prayer – specifically that men who have applied would follow through with their commitment.
  • PLM is producing a new YouTube video to promote their Residential Program. It is a very different style video than some of their other videos. Please pray for wisdom for the team as they develop this video and for the Lord to prepare the hearts of those who will see it.
  • Pure Life is beginning to plan for their 2022 Annual Conference. Please ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance as they begin laying the groundwork for this event.
  • The Lord has been very faithful in providing for the physical needs of Pure Life Ministries! Through donations and other sources there has been an abundance of food and materials that has blessed their students. Thank the Lord with us!

As you are praying, please also pray Matthew 5:7 – “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy,” that those at Pure Life would learn to live out the love of God, which is one of the essential ways PLM teaches men to overcome the power of sexual addiction.

Updated 9/7/21

Pure Life Ministries has been a pioneer in dealing with sexual addiction and its consequences for 30 years now. During that span of time thousands of people have found freedom through their counseling programs and teaching materials. Pure Life’s counseling programs are the heart and soul of their ministry. Whether you’re a man in sexual sin, a devastated wife or a struggling woman, you’ve come to the right place.