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Partner Update​

July 25, 2024

What God is doing...

  • Over the course of this past school year, we were amazed at the fact that the Lord saved 49 students through Campus Outreach across the three campuses we are located at in Ohio! We know that God is seeking and saving the lost on each of our campuses, but we were amazed at the amount of students who professed faith in Christ over this period of time.

  • God has been continuing to open doors for Isaac to minister to the football team at UC this year. He has had a lot of favor with many of the freshmen walk-on players, even having several of the players attend our weekly meetings, weekly bible studies, and coming to Grace Fort Thomas with us! 

  • We were very encouraged to have 48 students attend our Summer Leadership Project in the Outer Banks this year! This year we decided to host a 12 day intensive instead of our 8 week project in Petoskey, MI. We were praying that the Lord would allow it to be a period of immense spiritual growth and community building for each of our students and God sure did exceed our expectations! The majority of our students attended for the first time and were freshmen! This was potentially our most memorable Summer Project we’ve ever hosted for Campus Outreach Columbus!

Please pray...

  • Please pray for our staff team to raise a significant amount of support over the summer so that we will be ready and energized to serve on the campus this Fall! Pray that the Lord would raise up potential supporters who would partner with us through their prayer, finances, and volunteer efforts. 

  • Please pray for the students who are at home over the summer that we don’t have the opportunity to stay connected with. Pray that they would find good churches to attend, that they would remain in community, and most importantly that they would prioritize their walks with Jesus over the summer!

  • Please pray for this upcoming semester at UC! There are students that the Lord is actively pursuing right now who will be attending UC for the first time this Fall! Please pray that the Lord would soften their hearts to the gospel and that they would seek out a college ministry to plug into when they arrive and that Campus Outreach would be one that they feel welcomed into!

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